I want a big gypsy wedding says Michael Collings - despite yesterday saying he's never seen the show

Michael Collins

We were a bit surprised to read Michael Collings' latest interview in The Sun today, where the 19-year-old says he wants to win show to treat hits fiancé to a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. The comments seem to completely contradict what the young singer said in another interview during the weekend.

We reported on Sunday how Michael had told The Mirror that he didn't want to be known as a gypsy, going as far to tell the newspaper: “I have nothing against ­gypsies but I don’t want viewers thinking I am one. I also want ­people to vote for me being me and not someone they think I am.


"I’ve never even seen Big Fat Gypsy ­Weddings, so I don’t really know what ­everyone is talking about.”

However unless the teenager has been watching the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series back to back over night, his tune has suddenly changed. "[My fiancé] Sarah is up for a big wedding," he tells The Sun today. "We watched Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. Who wouldn't want a wedding like that - although I'm not sure about the huge dresses!"

Michael continued: "We got engaged a year and a half ago. We haven't set a date, but now we've had our baby, I just want to make things official."

While the IT engineer can't seem to decide whether or not he has ever watched Bit Fat Gypsy Weddings, he's certain of one thing: He wants to be famous. "I'd love to make a living out of singing," he told the tabloid today. "Sarah is over the moon for me. But she is stuck at home with the baby and times are hard when I'm not there. If I won, I'd buy a two-bed house."

Britain's Got Talent continues this Saturday at 8PM.

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