Cheeky child comedian David Knight says: "Harry Hill is still my favourite!"

David Knight

It seems as though little David Knight still hasn't let Michael McInytre pushing the buzzer during his audition go, cheekily saying today that Harry Hill is still his favourite telly comic! Nine-year-old David seemed close to tears during Saturday's opening episode, where he impressed the panel with his jokes.

Michael pressed his buzzer before David even started his act on Saturday, after he told Amanda Holden it was TV Burp's Harry Hill who made him laugh. With a flustered David on stage, Michael quickly said: "I’m joking, I’m joking. It’s a joke. It wasn’t one of my best."

David went on to get three yeses from the judges with his stand up routine, which included telling jokes about his dad's cooking and a blind man going parachuting with his guide dog.

Despite being put through to the next round by Michael McIntyre however, today however the cheeky youngster told The Mirror: “Harry Hill is still my favourite.”

He even added that McInytre had "annoyed" him with the buzzer gag, saying that The Hoff was his favourite Britain's Got Talent judge!

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