Amanda Holden 'trying to be Simon Cowell' claims axed Britain's Got Talent act

Amanda Holden

An act who failed to get through his audition in Scotland has attacked the Britain's Got Talent 201 judges, saying that Amanda Holden is trying to be Simon Cowell. Glasgow drag act Barbie Buckfast, real name George Lyall, added that none of the panel understood the Scottish humour when auditions took place in the country earlier this year.

Lyall's Buckfast act, which will be shown later on in the series, received a lacklustre reception from the newly revamped judging panel on this year's show - however it wasn't down a lack of talent, or so George claims.


He told the Daily Record: "None of them got Scottish humour. They couldn't understand what we were saying. I couldn't believe when afterwards The Hoff said that Glasgow had no talent. Britain may have talent but Scotland has balls."

Meanwhile it was returning Got Talent judge Amanda Holden who Gorge really seemed to have an axe to grind with. "She's there trying to be Simon Cowell, sitting in the middle and saying, 'I rule the panel'. She was clearly just trying to bait us like Simon always used to. The Scots crowd were soon booing her decisions and she was nearly run out of Scotland that night."

He continued: "I'd only created Barbie Buckfast last year and said we all had to start somewhere and reminded her she was a contestant on Blind Date. Well, she didn't like that and got really uppity saying she'd gone to drama school."

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