"I don’t want viewers thinking I'm a gypsy," says Got Talent hopeful Michael Collings

Michael Collins

He may have impressed the audience and Britain’s Got Talent judges with his voice, but a lot of the press attention surrounding Michael Collings has been about him living in a caravan - something he is keen to make sure people understand. The 19-year-old today insisted he wasn't a gypsy, and didn't want people thinking he was either.

The 19-year-old, who shocked the judges with his rendition of Fast Car on last night's show, said: “I’m not a gypsy and I don’t live on a gypsy site. It’s a ­residential caravan park where you have to be over 50 to live there. It’s a bit like a retirement site so it’s nothing like a ­gypsy site."


In his interview with the Daily Star, Michael added: “I have nothing against ­gypsies but I don’t want viewers thinking I am one. I also want ­people to vote for me being me and not someone they think I am.”

Clearly keen to make his living arrangements clear to Britain's Got Talent fans, Collings continued: "My mum and dad wanted a quiet life so that’s why they moved to the ­caravan complex about last year. They still work and have full-time jobs. They just wanted to get out of the busy city.

“I’ve never even seen Big Fat Gypsy ­Weddings, so I don’t really know what ­everyone is talking about.”

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