Michael Collings: I want to win Britain's Got Talent to bring my family out of poverty

Michael Collins

He wowed the Britain's Got Talent 2011 panel and millions of viewers on last night's show and now Michael Collings has revealed he wants to win the programme to help out his family. Michael ­- who lives with his parents in a caravan - hopes being on the show will stop the struggles to pay the bills.

The Britain's Got Talent hopeful told on last night's show how he and fiancée Sarah recently "happened" to have a baby called Sophie, which has put pressure on the whole family. "At the moment I’m still in the caravan with my parents so it would be great to get a place for Sophie, Sarah and myself," he told the Sunday Mirror.


“That’s the main reason behind me doing this, to take them with me and provide for my family. It would be such a relief not to have to worry about money all the time like we do now.”

The 19-year-old is said to be "desperate" to win the show which would see him handed a £100,000 prize. "It’s all the little bills that you don’t remember about," he told the tabloid. “Before you know it companies are trying to take the money out of your bank account and you haven’t got enough in to pay.

“I’m still an apprentice so I’m not earning anywhere near as much as I’d like to and I worry about bills all the time. If this goes well it would be my dream to put a deposit down on a small two bedroom house.”

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