Baby kidnap victim Alex Griffiths appears on Britian's Got Talent 2011

Alex Griffiths

A woman who hit world headlines when she was snatched from her mother's arms at 36 hours old is to appear on Britain's Got Talent. Alex Griffiths was taken from a London hospital by a woman posing as a social worker, and found in a Cotswold cottage after a 17-day global police search.

The university student, now 21, will be seen performing a song and dance routine on the ITV1 talent show. However in an interview, Ms Griffiths said she wanted to be known for her talent rather than her story.

She told the Sun: "I want to impress people for who I am and what I can do, not because I was kidnapped as a baby.


"People were saying I should tell the judges my story as it could help me get through .

"I've watched loads of these shows and I know people use sob stories to get the judges in their side. But the producers understood my decision to stay quiet - and I don't regret it."

Her audition - a rendition of I Can't Do It Alone from the musical Chicago - will be shown later in the series.

She said performing for the judges was "one of the best things I've done", and added: "In an ideal world, being on stage is what I want to do. I'm also considering taking a gap year after I graduate to go dancing on cruise ships."

It was in January 1990 that Ms Griffiths was taken from a London hospital by a woman - coincidentally named Janet Griffiths but no relation. Griffiths admitted stealing the baby in a desperate bid to save a relationship with her millionaire lover. She was sent to a psychiatric unit but released after four months. She later died of cancer.

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