Donelda Guy hid her cancer suffering husband from the judges

Donelda Guy and Mega and Biba

Donelda Guy, who tonight will appear on the opening Britain's Got Talent 2011 show with her dancing dogs Mega and Biba (video), hid her cancer suffering hubby from the judges and show producers, it has been revealed. The 67-year-old hid her husband's failing health as she didn't want any sympathy from the panel.

The Mirror today reports on how Donelda's 73-year-old husband Alan is so ill with ­pancreatic cancer that it's touch and go whether he'll be able to watch Donelda if she makes it to the live finals.

“He was too ill to see me audition in Birmingham but he’s going to watch the show," Donelda told the newspaper. “It helps to take his mind off things and he is very positive. We are going to beat this together. I would love to win the show as a tribute to him and his bravery.”

Donelda performs to Bond's Victory track on tonight's show with her dancing dog act.

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