Michael McIntyre has nightmares over Britain's Got Talent 2011!

Michael McIntyre

Poor Michael McIntyre, it seems as though he's been letting being a judge on Britain's Got Talent get inside his head! The stand up comic admits in today's Buzz magazine that he's been having nightmares and anxiety dreams over the show. Meanwhile The Hoff confesses to putting acts through despite not understanding them!

Michael says: “I had an anxiety dream that I was sitting with my buzzer but I was in the audience and it wasn’t working...Then I looked again and it wasn’t a buzzer, it was an apple. I was just a person in the audience eating an apple.


"I kept saying: ‘I’m supposed to be up there at the front!’”

Whilst The Hoff might not lose sleep, he certainly doesn’t always follow what’s going on because of the accents! “Cardiff and Glasgow were tough,” he tells the glossy magazine. “I voted comedians through because they were funny, but I had no idea what they were saying.”

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