Georgie Thompson 'knows nothing' about Xtra Factor rumours

Georgie Thompson

Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson has dismissed recent reports that she was being lined up to host the Xtra Factor this year, saying she "knows nothing" about the rumours. Meanwhile Georgie also spoke about the ribbing she gets from colleagues thanks to her relationship with Britain's Got Talent co-host Dec!

First, her Sky Sports News colleagues slipped the phrase "It’s all hands on Dec" into her Autocue feed – and now she gets it in the neck from the gang on 'A League Of Their Own', Sky 1's sports panel quiz which Georgie helps present.

“They refer to my boyfriend as: ‘Antanddec’...I’m sorry, Ant, and I’m sorry, Lisa [Armstrong, Ant’s wife], but there isn’t a lot I can do about it," Georgie tells The Sun's Buzz magazine.


So what does Georgie think footie-mad Newcastle United fan Dec would say is the best thing about dating a Sky Sports presenter? - “When we first started dating, he did refer to me as Breaking News...Any time a snippet of sports information came through, I thought: ‘I’ll just let Dec know.’ I’d update him with a text. I think getting the inside track on sports might be the thing he likes most – although I really hope there are a few other qualities as well.”

But what we really want to know about here are those Xtra Factor reports, so is there any truth in the rumours? - “Oh, this question!” she grins. “It keeps raising its head. It’s a big compliment to be linked with The X Factor as it’s one of TV’s biggest shows, but I know nothing about it.”

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