Spelbound star wants to see The Hoff in a leotard showing off his acrobatic skills!

David Hasselhoff

Spelbound star Alex Uttley has said he'd love to get new Britain's Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff on stage to show off his acrobatic skills. The 25-year-old, whose gymnastic troupe were crowned victors on last year's show, said the Hoff was more than welcome to join the group.

"I'm sure we could slot him in somewhere and I'm sure he's be eager to have a go as well, now that would make interesting TV," Alex joked.

"When he's been on the American version of the show he's so enthusiastic about everything, and I think he'll bring his enthusiasm and a really good atmosphere this year."

Alex, who is appearing with Spelbound in ads during Britain's Got Talent for show sponsors moneysupermarket.com, said this year's contestants should enjoy their time in the spotlight.


"If you're good at something you've got to really enjoy it and I think if you enjoy it that really comes across on stage," he said.

"Be really enthusiastic about your act and believe in your act, if you believe in your act and you're enjoying it I think that really comes across to the audience, to the judges, to the viewing public at home as well."

The gymnastic star said he hopes this year's winner will be a traditional act.

"You've had singers and dancers, I would love to see someone different like a magician or a comedian, some proper old-school British talent. I think that is what variety shows are all about," he added.

Britain's Got Talent is on ITV1 on Saturday at 8.20pm.

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