Louis Walsh helping a 'stressed out' Simon Cowell with big X Factor decisions

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh is has reportedly become Simon Cowell's go to guy for the big X Factor decisions on this year's show, with the music mogul becoming 'stressed out' over the pressure. Inside sources say that the telly guru has called on fellow judge and pal Louis to help him make choices for judges.

“Louis has been getting lots of late-night phone calls from Simon," a sneaky source blabbed last night. "The stress of the US ‘X Factor’ judging panel is getting to him. He knows people are sick of hearing about it and wants to get on with the nuts and bolts of announcing big names.

“The problem is, he still hasn’t locked in any names yet. He’s calling Louis as a sounding board, to get his opinion and give him the latest updates.”


And if the reports are to be believed it seems as though Louis is taking advantage of Simon's current weakness, trying to get friend Sharon Osbourne back on the show this year. “Louis’ job is safe. He was campaigning for Sharon Osbourne to make a comeback," the source added.

However it seems as though Simon has already made his mind up about the former X Factor judge, telling Louis "not to waste his breath" as it would never happen! The source revealed: "‘Over my dead body’, was the exact line.”

Let's just hope we don't see Jedward or Wagner on the panel this year

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