Jedward rake in £3 million a year... but none of it from their music

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The X Factor duo Jedward are currently raking in a whopping £2.85 million a year after appearing on the show in 2009 - but none of it is from their music! Top gigs promoting various brands and taking part in wacky telly shows such as Sing If You Can have earned the twins millions since the show finished.

According to The Sun, the deals the boys receive makes them currently the biggest earners from The X Factor. Serious singers such as Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis meanwhile are only seeing small advances from their albums in a time of declining music sales.


The pair have reportedly earned £500,000 for promoting Nintendo and a further £500,000 from deals with Hyundai and Moneysupermarket. A telly ad with Fruit Shoots made the pair £200,000 while taking part in new ITV1 show Sing If You Can saw the boys receive a £50,000 pat cheque.

A source told The Sun: "The Jeds are making millions. Louis reckons Jedward have made more money in a year than any other X Factor act.

"They've done more adverts, endorsements and gigs than all the other contestants combined. In the past year their earnings topped €3.2million."

Meanwhile winner of The X Factor 2009 Joe McElderry has been quietly dropped by Simon Cowell's Syco label after poor record sales. Joe's debut album failed to make an impact on the charts despite entering at number one, with his second single 'Someone Wake Me Up' reaching just 68 in the charts last year.

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