Fewer dance acts on Britain’s Got Talent 2011, say Ant & Dec

Ant and Dec

Britain's Got Talent 2011 hosts Ant & Dec have said that this year's show will see less dance acts after the auditionees failed to meet the standards of previous stars, including 2009 winners Diversity. Speaking ahead of the start of the new series, the pair explained that the new panel has also meant a different selection of acts.

"The new line-up has allowed some acts a look in that would never have got a chance before," Ant said. "It's fresh. David has been a great judge from day one - and has all that experience from America's Got Talent."

Dec meanwhile added: "There has been a lot of very talented singing children, so that will be a competitive area. The illusionists were great too. We really hope some make the semi-finals."

The new series of the show kicks off on Saturday at 8:20PM on ITV1, but don't expect to be seeing many street dance troupes, as Ant explains: "There haven't been so many dance troupes as Diversity set the bar so high before.

"There were a lot of Glee-inspired acts, groups singing and dancing, but not all of them were that great."

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