Amanda Holden: Britain's Got Talent 'coming down harder' on sob stories

Britain's Got Talent

Amanda Holden has revealed that this year the Britain's Got Talent team decided to 'come down hard' on the use of the sob stories by some auditionees. Amanda said that some contestants were clearly 'milking' their situation, revealing all before they even performed.

"We saw in the auditions that people were telling you their tragedy before they even started singing," Amanda explained to the Daily Mail. "They were milking it, doing the "My mother died last week and this is for her" thing, trying to get the audience on their side.

"I think we're coming down harder on that this year. Of course people have back stories, and it's right for us to find out about them, but not before they perform."


Speaking to the paper about the new series, Amanda said she hoped viewers would see a more tougher side to her judging this year. "Viewers have seen the softer side - which is obviously there because I'm an extraordinarily heart-led, emotional person. I go with my gut in everything," Amanda continued, adding: "But I don't take any lip either. Hopefully, that will come through this time."

Britain's Got Talent kicks off on Saturday April 16 on ITV1 at 20:20.

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