The X Factor 2011 staff seeking out good looking people for auditions?

Cheryl Cole

Staff working for The X Factor 2011 have reportedly been seeking out and headhunting good looking models to audition for the show - regardless of whether they can actually sing or not! According to The Sun, researchers for the staff have been scouring London nightclubs for hotties...

Model Mark Kidd claims in the paper today he was approached and asked to try out for the competition, despite having no experience in singing. "I was out with friends last week when a blonde came up and asked if I could sing. I said 'No' and she said, 'Well, you look the part. It doesn't matter if you can't sing.'," he revealed to the tabloid.

"I thought she was trying to chat me up but then she gave me a card with details of auditions the following Saturday. She said it would let me skip a stage of the auditions and go straight through to the judges."


Mark, who used to host a show on Sky, continued: "She kept saying I looked the part and it didn't matter if I couldn't sing. It was crazy! She was with me for quite some time considering I wasn't interested at all. I do watch X Factor but I have no desire to go on it."

An ITV spokesperson confirmed the person that approached Mark was a research for the show, explaining: "They sometimes send people out to make sure they have covered everybody and reached all the talent that's out there."

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