ITV bosses 'offer Cheryl Cole double pay rise' for The X Factor 2011

Cheryl Cole

ITV has reportedly offered Cheryl Cole to double her pay in order to get the Geordie lass back on The X Factor UK this year. According to The Sun today, bosses are prepared to offer the singer so much money it would make the Girls Aloud star the highest-earning woman on telly.

The move by ITV bosses in the UK means that Cheryl looks set to rake it in even if she doesn't get a job on the US version of the show. A source revealed: "Cheryl is being tempted with a bigger salary and if she takes it then it won't look like she's failed in the US.

"ITV are in turmoil about the UK version as everything is still up in the air. They know by keeping Cheryl half of their problems will be solved. She's still the biggest advertising draw. But, of course, if she does get the US job she'll take it like a shot."

Despite the huge offer though it seems as though ITV have their doubts whether Cheryl will take it, still scouting for possible replacements for the singer including Rihanna.

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