Simon Cowell says he will do The X Factor UK, saying: There is no show without me

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has promised that he will be taking part in The X Factor 2011 in the UK this year, in his ever arrogant manner stating: "There is no show without me." The music mogul was in talks with ITV bosses yesterday where a deal was reportedly hammered out to allow Cowell to fly back and forth between the UK and US versions of the show.

Simon will make round transatlantic trips every week as the UK version of the show will continue at the weekend whilst the US version will air during the middle of the week, similar to American Idol.

A source told The Mirror: "Both sides believe it is absolutely critical for Simon to do the show here and have been trying to find every way possible of him doing so."

An official announcement about The X Factor UK and US judges is expected in the next two weeks.

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