ITV1 bosses 'begging' Simon Cowell to take part in The X Factor 2011

Simon Cowell

ITV1 bosses are said to have found themselves begging Simon Cowell to take part in The X Factor 2011 - even if it is via satellite. According to The Mirror today, show execs are nervous about how the reality megahit will cope without either the music mogul and Cheryl Cole, who is also not expected to return to the show this year.

If Simon can't take part in the show in person, the producers at ITV want him to at least give his views on the contestants via a satellite link up. However a source revealed: “There’s less than a 50% chance he’ll agree.

“It’s looking more as though he won’t be heavily involved. It’s frustrating for them but Simon can’t clone himself to be in two places at once."

The newspaper claims Cowell promised that the show was still a "priority" for him despite the launch of the US version this autumn. “ITV are desperate to keep him on the show in some form as they know he is such an important part of The X Factor," the source added.

“But he has the US version to concentrate on.”

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