Don't panic! Ant & Dec haven't actually been injured in a hot air balloon crash...

Ant and Dec

Being a celebrity certainly has its perks but today Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant & Dec experienced one of fames disadvantages: Made up stories in the papers! The pair's had to speak out to deny reports that they had been injured in a crash involving a hot air balloon whilst filming for the new series of Got Talent...

According to the original reports, Ant & Dec were shaken and bruised by the crash landing after the balloon ran out of fuel over Mainstone in Kent. A passerby at the alleged accident said: "They were absolutely lovely people, so down to earth. I told Ant he looked a bit shaken after the balloon landed, but his reply isn't printable. They said Kent looked lovely from above and asked about the oast houses we're working on because they'd never seen one before."

However despite the dramatic comments the pair took to Twitter to quickly deny the reports. "Stories currently running on line saying Ant & Dec had a hot air balloon crash whilst filming 'BGT' are completely untrue. [sic]," a statement from the duo's PR company said.

Britain's Got Talent 2011 is expected to return on April 26.

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