Simon Cowell 'stressed out' over who to hire for The X Factor this year

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is reportedly 'stressing out' over which celebrities to hire for The X Factor 2011 judging panel, just weeks before auditions are due to start. The music mogul revealed he is in talks with various people for roles on the show, but admitted that he was worried about making a mistake.

Talking about the selection process for the judging panel, Simon said: “What you do is you make a decision, then you get nervous about it, then you wake up in the middle of the night saying: ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake.’

"You call everybody the following day to say you’ve changed your mind and then 24 hours later you go through the same process again.

“And then when you think everyone’s agreed, you get a phone call from a producer at three in the morning saying: ‘I’ve got to speak to you. I’m really nervous about this decision. I think we’re doing the wrong thing.’ And I say: ‘Oh God, here we go again.’ But this happens on all of our shows."

Cowell added: “I’ve been on shows where the day before we’re due to film we still haven’t decided who’s going to be on the show.”


Simon also revealed the secrets behind his madness, telling the Daily Star today: "You’ve got to imagine that you’re having a dinner party and it’s a very, very long dinner party and who you could bear to spend that much time with.

“Because if you haven’t got chemistry or if you can’t work together, it is total, utter misery.”

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