Rebecca Ferguson 'disappointed' in former mentor Cheryl Cole

Rebecca Ferguson

Last year's X Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson is said to be 'disappointed' that Cheryl Cole hasn't been in touch, according to fellow contestant Mary Byrne. The Irish singer, currently promoting her debut album Mine & Yours which is out this week, said that the Liverpool lass was disheartened by the lack of communication from Cheryl.

Mary said: "I haven’t seen or heard from her since the show. And I don’t think [her acts] have heard from her, either. [I'm not surprised I haven't heard from her], she wasn’t my mentor. But I think her acts are disappointed that she hasn’t been in contact – Rebecca in particular."

This isn't the first time Cole has come under attack from her former contestants. Earlier this month Cher Lloyd lashed out at Cheryl to a tabloid journalist, ranting: "Cheryl hasn’t been in touch at all. She is more interested in becoming famous in the States. I’ve been left high and dry. I thought we were mates.”

Katie Waissel too has admitted having not heard from her mentor since the show ended back in December of last year, however the 24-year-old seemed more positive about the Girls Aloud singer. “I'd love to catch up with Cheryl over a glass of wine and have a girly chat, it would be fun," Katie said.


A spokesperson was keen to downplay the complaints from the contestants, currently touring the UK, saying: “The judges do not continue to mentor the contestants after the show.

“They all have their own management teams who look after them.”

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