Britain's Got Talent rejects Othelio audition for The X Factor 2011


They were axed from Britain's Got Talent but singing an rapping duo Othelio now think they've got what it takes to achieve success on The X Factor. The pair, made up of married couple Craig and Debborah Stephens, auditioned for the new series earlier this week and said their experience had been "positive".

After performing for producers in Glasgow, Craig told The Scotsman: "The auditions went fantastic and the producers were very positive. I did raps during both songs. The first audition was in front of X Factor producers, and one of Simon Cowell's music producers was at the side. They said it was a 'yes' and told us to come back the next day.

"The next day they got us on the floor dancing - I did a robot dance and Saffire did disco dancing - and then we found out there were another two auditions."

The duo will face the actual panel of judges later this year, performing Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love'. "We are over the moon. I felt like crying," Craig told the newspaper. "I have not got a clue who the judges are this year. We asked the producers but they wouldn't tell us. It would be great for Simon to see us again - we look forward to the challenge."

The pair, who were scrapped for Britain's Got Talent last year, now perform under the name of Saffire X. Craig explained: "It's different music that we will be doing. In the X Factor, it's ballads, rock, pop - whatever they ask you to do."

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