Wacky X Factor auditionee Shirlena Johnson tries her luck again at this year's auditions

Shirlena Johnson

Eccentric X Factor auditionee from last year's show Shirlena Johnson has reportedly tried her luck again at this year's auditions - and got through the first producer round at the weekend's first open auditions. Shirlena, who both impressed and surprised viewers with her rather original take on Duffy's 'Mercy', was axed from last year's competition over fears for her health.

The singer had originally made it all the way to the judges' houses stages of the competition, but was pulled from the show after it was revealed she had hidden a mental illness from the production team. Instead Shirlena was replaced by Elesha Moses when Louis Walsh whittled down the final 8 Over 28s to just three.

Back in January Shirlena appeared at the Britain's Got Talent auditions too, but failed to make it through the first round.

Shirlena said: “I wanted to see if there was another opportunity for me. I’m not really worried about what happened before. I know I am better.

"I deserve a second chance. I hope I will make it to the next stage. It would mean a lot to me. I would be so happy. This is something I really want to do – it’s my dream."

She added: “I have a supportive family around me who can help with my daughter.”


VIDEO: Watch Shirlena Johnson’s original X Factor audition

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