David Walliams completes his 24-hour panel show challenge for Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Comedian David Walliams successfully completed his 24-hour panel show challenge for Comic Relief over the weekend, taking part in more than 20 different shows between noon on Saturday and midday yesterday. Famous telly faces including Paul O'Grady, Miranda Hart and legend Stephen Fry joined Walliams over the marathon to help complete the task.

The Little Britain comic took part in a number of both current and classic UK telly game and panel shows, including Blankety Blank, Have I Got News For You and the Generation Game. Speaking about the show after his 24-hour comic stint, Walliams said: "I'm descending into madness! It does take its toll on you just physically... it was as tough as I thought it would be, particularly at the end just having to keep the show together, being so exhausted and not being able to think straight any more.

"I just couldn't really read the autocue anymore because my eyes couldn't focus, which is quite a scary thing, especially as there was an audience here!"

He added: "It was tough, yes, but it was the right side of tough. I mean if I was slumped on the desk not saying anything, I think it really wouldn't have been very entertaining, but you could see I was a little bit delirious towards the end."

Asked about the worst part of the show, David Walliams commented: "The most frightening was Whose Line Is It Anyway, you have to do those improv games and I don’t know how to do it.

“[Also] Lionel Blair was very bossy, we had some amazing people, we had Jedward and Germaine Greer next to each other. Who would think that would happen?

“But then some of these panel guests, I have got no idea who they are.”The whole show was available to watch online but for those who weren't able to catch all of the action live, 30 minute highlight shows will be broadcast on BBC Three from March 13.

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