Channel 5 plan own Big Fat Gypsy reality series to show a "true insight"

Channel 5

The newly relaunched Channel 5 are reportedly planning on making their own reality series of Channel 4's hit show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. Following criticism from those that have appeared in the programme however, Channel 5 bosses want to give a "true insight" into the world of gypsies, rather than "p**stake".

Channel 5’s director of programmes, Jeff Ford told the Daily Star: “We’ve been looking at a series based on gypsies for some time. Obviously the Channel 4 series has been a huge hit so there is clearly something in it.

“But we don’t want to just follow what they have done, we want to lead.

“We want to really get under the skin of their culture and give a true insight, rather than a p**s take.”

Meanwhile Yvonne MacNamara from The Irish Traveller Movement in Britain added: “If new programmes are made I urge them to examine other areas of traveller life, such as the fact that they are among the most discriminated against in our society.”