Voting for The X Factor to be allowed through Facebook for new series

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From this series of The X Factor you'll be able to vote for your favourite X Factor stars via Facebook, it has been revealed. The move will see app on the social networking website which will allow fans to vote for their top performer for a small amount of 'Facebook credits', as well as the normal phone voting method.

A show source told The Sun about the idea: "Details are still being ironed out, but everyone's incredibly excited. It makes perfect sense as The X Factor has one of the youngest, most media-savvy audiences of any show in the world."

The move could also see a big change in voting patterns, with different acts in the past having a lot more support on Facebook than on the phones. For example, Cher Lloyd from last year's sow has more than 1,280,000 fans on the website, more than twice as much as eventual winner Matt Cardle who has 636,000.

The new voting method is set to be implemented for both the UK and US series of the show later this year. A source explained: "In the UK, you will buy Facebook credit like you can now for games on the website, and use that to vote. Phone voting would still be available too.

"In America, you don't pay to vote because of broadcasting laws. So viewers will vote through an app, or in the way you 'like' a celebrity's page now. It's a huge, game-changing move.

"For Simon it makes voting easier for millions of fans. And for Facebook, it encourages millions more to join and get involved in the interactive aspect of the show."


However unlike phone voting there could be ways for unscrupulous viewers to use the system to log thousands of votes for their favourite for no cost, a problem The Sun claims is still being "ironed out".

"During the show, thousands of Facebook posts a minute are made. Performers get millions of 'likes' and people discuss the best moments," the source said. "TV and social media are overlapping more and more. This takes it to a new level."

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