Channel 4 axe flop primetime reality show 'Famous and Fearless'

Channel 4

It was meant to be the big replacement for Celebrity Big Brother, but Channel 4's reality show Famous and Fearless has reportedly been axed after just the one series. The reality show, which saw celebs take on crazy stunts such as driving monster trucks, failed to catch on and was watched by just a million viewers.

Despite some rather big names taking part in the show, including top comedian Rufus Hound, sunk to a series low of just 1.3 million viewers when it aired over a week last month.

A source told The Sun: "It was an innovative idea, but it just didn't work as well as we had hoped. It was a tough act following Celebrity BB and it needed to pull in bigger ratings than it did."

Despite his show getting the chop, the programme's presenter Chris Evans is still set to work with Channel 4 on more projects in the future. "They were really happy having Evans back and want to do more with him in future," the source added. "They are looking at new projects with him now."

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