Big Fat Gypsy Wedding 'stars' refusing to take part in future series

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

The 'stars' of hit Channel 4 documentary Big Fat Gypsy Wedding have reportedly refused to take part in any future series of the programme, complaining the show portrays typical Gypsy stereotypes. A spokesperson from Traveller's camp Smithy Fen hit out at the show for making life worse for the travellers.

“No-one will put their name to anything after that show," the spokesperson told the Daily Star. “We are now the most prejudiced-against group in the country.

"These people were helping ­Channel 4. They let them into their community, and look what happens. We are called thieves. We are called thieving scum.”

Last week there were reports that some of the travellers who had appeared in the programme were planning to sue Channel 4 following bullying, booking cancellations and losing jobs after the show aired.

A statement from Channel 4 dismissed the complaints however, saying that the hit telly show "avoided many commonly held stereotypes," adding: “We’ve received messages of support from viewers who feel they have gained a better understanding of traveller communities after the programme.”

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