Daybreak has turned a corner, claims presenter Adrian Chiles


Daybreak co-host Adrian Chiles has claimed that the struggling show has "turned a corner" and is "starting to heal" after maulings form both critics and viewers in the programme's first six-months on air. The new ITV1 breakfast show, which replaced GMTV, had been struggling in the ratings ever since it started in September of last year.

Now however the ratings are on the up and are, at least, on a par with its predecessor. The show is also attracting a far more advertiser friendly viewership, beating rival BBC Breakfast for younger and female viewers.

Presenter Adrian Chiles today claimed the show's problem started off with its big launch, “That is the main thing that I would have changed," he told The Mirror. "It was embarrassing seeing myself on a big billboard. I wanted to keep it quiet. I don’t think the British public wants to be told what to watch.

“I wish that we hadn’t done that and had let people discover it for themselves – more low key with less fanfare."

Adrian, who moved with co-host Christine Bleakley from BBC to front the new format, continued: “We set ourselves up for a kicking, which we duly got. It’s been a stressful time but we feel that things are moving in the right direction. The scars and bruises are now starting to heal."

He added: “I think we have turned the corner.”

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