Simon Cowell plans to launch Arena-based, £1 million prize telly game show

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning on launching a brand new game show which will be based at London's Wembley Arena. The new programme - codenamed "Roulette" -will be hosted by game show legends Ant & Dec and will see one of the 17,000 contestants win up to £1 million.

According to The Sun, punters will pay £1 for a ticket to take part in the show, which ITV are hoping will become a huge summer "event" lasting an entire weekend.

Members of the huge crowd will then be picked at random to take part in various challenges in order to win the grand jackpot. A source told the newspaper: "It is a big gamble for Simon as it could be telly's biggest ever turkey if it goes wrong. This will be one of the most ambitious TV shows ever staged.

"Details are under wraps for now but the idea is that people will pay a small price - say £1 - to get a ticket which will give them a chance of taking part."

The insider added: "Simon is confident that because millions vote for the X Factor every week they will be prepared to pay."

A pilot for the show is expected to be filmed in June.

Yesterday we reported how ITV had rejected another of Simon Cowell's telly plans in the form of a new Top of the Pops style show.

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