"Nothing is faked on The X Factor, it's all real!" insists Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh yesterday dismissed critics of The X Factor who claimed that the show was faked, insisting that any tension and competition between the judges was real. Chatting to Kate Walsh and Matt Johnson on OK! TV yesterday, Louis said the judges take criticism of their acts personally.

"When you're in The X Factor bubble... you're in that bubble," he said. "You want to mentor your acts so well, nothing is staged. It's all real, nothing is faked.

"If Cheryl says something about my acts I'll take it personally and she's exactly the same if I say something about her acts."

The Irish judge said that he loved all of the judges and while they were friends away from the show, on set it was a different story. "We're all in competition," he told the programme.

The music mogul also took the opportunity to get his rulebook out again, moaning how Simon and Cheryl can get away with everything. "Simon and Cheryl do what they want," Louis explained, "Me and Dannii play by the rules."

Louis Walsh suggested yesterday that this year's X Factor judging panel would see two new judges.

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