Simon Cowell: I'll do UK X Factor - even if I have to build a rocket!

Simon Cowell in Manchester

Simon Cowell has joked that he's so keen to continue judging The X Factor in the UK that he'll get his team to build a rocket to jet him back and forth in less than a hour. Simon's comments come after a report earlier this week suggested the music mogul would be quitting the UK version of the show to spend 6 days a week in the states.

Talking on US TV about the up and coming American version of the reality show, Simon Cowell said he still definitely wanted to the do the UK show, joking: "We're in the process of building a rocket and it's literally going to fly us from LA to London in an hour.

"It hasn't been tested yet."

Cowell is expected to release the line up for the US version of The X Factor - rumoured to include both Cheryl Cole and Dermot O'Leary - within a couple of weeks.

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