ITV1 breakfast show Daybreak finds its sofa infested with fleas!


As if the awful ratings and poor presenters wasn't enough to turn guests away from struggling breakfast show Daybreak, the fact that their sofa is infested with fleas may be the last straw. According to The Sun the telly show has had to launch an investigation into the problem, which is being named on the animals which have featured on the programme.

A show source told the tabloid: "No one can say for certain where the fleas have originated from.

"There have been a lot of animal features over the last few months. It's not just famous people who have perched on the sofas - there have been pets too."

The insider continued: "They say if you lie down with dogs you get fleas. In this case, if they find out who is responsible, they will get a real flea in the ear."

The revamped ITV1 breakfast show, which replaced GMTV in September last year, has battled poor viewing figures and constant negative reception from critics since launch - Monday's airing was watched by only 700,000 viewers.