ITV to launch property-based rival to BBC's 'The Apprentice'


ITV are to launch a new show next year which will rival the BBC's Apprentice, according to the Daily Star. The newspaper claims that the new show will see 12 hopeful candidates set tasks for the chance to win a top job, but rather than a top paid position in the city on offer, instead they'll work for property tycoon Fred Story.

The 12 candidates will have to build one of his £250,000 houses on time, on budget and with no mistakes. They'll have to do everything on their own form the initial planning to applying the finishing touches - but only one can win the job.

Cameras will follow the young apprentices as they make their way through the process, from drawing up blueprints to leading their own team of builders. An ITV insider said: “For years people have taken on apprenticeships in roles such as building and carpentry.

“With tuition fees on the up, it’s a lot harder for people to go to university. But rather than hit the dole, young Brits can learn a trade.

“This show will give people the chance to get the ultimate leg-up in a solid industry. And you never know, they may well become the next property tycoon.”

The series, which is being made by Brilliant Trees Media, will be launched next year.

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