Simon Cowell reveals plans to launch new Saturday night music show

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has revealed he is planning to launch a new Saturday night music show next year. The X Factor judge and music mogul spoke at yesterday's press conference on The X Factor 2010 final about the plans - but reps for the telly star denied it would be a 'direct replacement' for Top of the Pops.

Broadcast magazine quotes Simon as saying: "There is always room for more music, we will be doing something on Saturday nights."

Meanwhile according to The Mirror, Cowell added: "It's going to be a stand-alone show.

"We might announce something fairly soon because we think there should be another music show. There has been a resurgence in the business and music has become exciting again."

The show, which is expected to be announced next year, will see music stars and big performances from current chart stars. An ITV source said: "We can’t say too much yet, the plans are still being finalised, but everyone knows Simon doesn't do anything by halves. This will raise the bar again, with no expense spared."

Simon Cowell's spokesperson Max Clifford last night denied that the programme would resemble axed BBC show Top of the Pops.

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