Adrian Chiles: "I was completely f**king wrong" about Daybreak


The One Show turned Daybreak presenter Adrian Chilies has admitted that he was "completely f**king wrong" about the success he expected Daybreak to have. Speaking in today's Guardian however, Chiles said he was the team was confident they could improve the programme.

Adiran and presenting partner Christine Bleakley left the BBC earlier this year to join ITV1's new breakfast show, which replaced the long running 'GMTV'. However the move and launch of the new look morning show became a PR disaster for the pair and the broadcaster, with flagging ratings and heaps of criticism from both the press and viewers.

Adrian Chiles said: "I felt in my water that it was going to be a storming immediate runaway success - I was absolutely sure. And I was completely f**king wrong."

However he added: "We've only been doing it eight weeks. Who quits anything after that length of time? And it kind of feels like it's getting better already.

"You feel like it's us against the world at four o'clock in the morning. We're all in this together."

Christine Bleakley previously said the pair were "learning as they go" on the programme.