Mock The Week's Hugh Dennis to host new BBC Two comedy show

Hugh Dennis

Mock The Week's Hugh Dennis will be hosting a brand new BBC Two improvisation show to be aired at the start of the new year, the broadcaster has confirmed. Called 'Fast and Loose', the show - from the same makers of Mock The Week - will feature new and up-and-coming comedy talent.

The show will feature a range of new comics including Laura Solon, Justin Edwards, Marek Larwood, Pippa Evans, Humphrey Ker, David Armand and Greg Davies.

A source said: "From what I could hear through the wall, it seems the series will provide a dazzling blend of games with new slants on a variety of iconic pop culture targets as well as breaking new ground with perception-bending visual scenarios and a hi-tech animation round. I may have misheard though."

Host Hugh Dennis added: "Fast And Loose is the ultimate team sport, with a group of fantastically clever character actors. They are the next generation of improvisers, and improvisation has moved on enormously. We have electronic trickery, animated chickens and blowfish as well as songs and games including a fantastic sideways scene.

"It is half an hour of controlled improvised silliness and there is no scoring and no stars. To quote David Cameron: 'We are all in it together.'"

The series, created by Mock The Week puppet master Dan Patterson, will air on BBC Two from January 2011.