Dotor Who star Matt Smith reveals details of Christmas special

Matt Smith

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has revealed details about the upcoming Christmas episode of the programme, saying the special goes "hand in hand with the spirit of Doctor Who". An exclusive preview clip of the episode, which features filmstar Michael Gambon and singer Katherine Jenkins, will air on Children In Need on November 19.

Talking to USA Today about the episode, Smith said: "There's lots of snow, crackers and turkey, and that goes hand in hand with the spirit of The Doctor and Doctor Who, really. He loves Christmas. It's showcasing humans at their most open and giving and kind. It's everything The Doctor's about."

He added: "I had great fun making it because obviously it was the middle of July and there's loads of fake snow."

Talking about his role as the Doctor, Smith explained: "I love his madness. I love his brain. I love that he's completely silly. I love how lonely he is. I love his bravery. I love the fact that he's clumsy.

"What's so wonderful about playing The Doctor is it's all based on invention. It's the greatest part I've ever played, I have to say, because you're given this white canvas to invent and paint on, and he can be any colour."

The currently untitled episode will air on BBC One this December.