Too Hot To Handle season 2 'to be filmed in Australia'

too hot too handle

Too Hot To Handle will return for a second season, it's been reported.

Hit Netflix reality series Too Hot To Handle launched on the streaming service in April and became an instant success.


Now a second series is reportedly on the way.

The Sun reports that Too Hot To Handle will film at a new location in Australia rather than the original resort in Mexico.

"Contestants are set to isolate first so that there’s no health risk to anyone, particularly as they’ll get quite close up," a source said.

Too Hot To Handle sees a group of young single people living in a luxury resort as they attempt to discover emotional connections with one another.

Kissing, touching and sex are all banned with money deducted from a starting prize fund of $100,000 (£80,000) for rule breaks. Those that fail to make genuine connections face elimination from the series.

Those left at the end split the prize money that's left equally between them.


Alongside the main series, the first season featured a special follow up reunion episode Extra Hot: The Reunion.

Narrated by Desiree Burch, season 1 of Too Hot To Handle is streaming now on Netflix.