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Love Island winner Amber Davies reveals how she spent prize money

Love Island winner Amber Davies has revealed how she spent the show’s prize money.


In tonight’s episode of Love Island: What Happened Next? Olivia Attwood, Amber Davies and Georgia Harrison meet for a catch-up.

The trio discuss their relationships following the villa, with Olivia reflecting on her split from Chris Hughes: “Chris and I, our relationship in the Villa was very turbulent. It was very passionate on and off.”

Olivia is keen to know how Amber feels about Kem Cetinay now, she said: “If you saw Kem now, would you say ‘hi’?”

Amber said: “I was quite hurt by the whole break-up and it was a bit sour for the first year. But we actually were a little in contact last year and it was absolutely fine.”

Talk soon turned to Amber’s victory as Georgia asked: “What did you spend the winnings on?”

Amber said: “The first thing I got was a designer bag. And I got my Nan and Grandad a car each.”


Now engaged, Olivia discussed her current relationship with footballer Bradley, she said: “Not that long after Chris and I split, I reconnected with my ex from before Love Island. We’ve gone from strength to strength.”

Olivia added: “I like being a fiancé but a wife just doesn’t sound sexy but it will be sexy because it’s going to be me!”

As for Chris and Kem, while they didn’t find everlasting love in the villa their bromance has continued to blossom.

In tonight’s episode, the pair meet up at Kem’s new restaurant in Essex and discuss life after Love Island.

Speaking about his current relationship status, Kem said: “I’ve actually got a girlfriend. New lady in my life. She’s a really good girl. She makes me very happy. And she’s really supportive of everything I do. She’s just been a really good impact on me.”

Chris said: “We went there for love and we found each other” and Kem adds: “We found love but in a different way.”

Reflecting on their time in the villa, Kem said: “Amber was my first ever girlfriend. We were both learning and we were both really young. Me and Amber won together. That’s a huge part of both of our lives and something that we won’t forget.”


Speaking about his relationship with Olivia, Chris said: “I don’t regret anything. It was a good experience. When the relationship was good, it was good. We had some great times together. But not everything lasts and that is the beauty of life.”

Love Island: What Happened Next airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2