Love Island spoilers: Luca and Dami come to blows as Casa Amor girls cause chaos


Luca and Dami come to blows on Love Island 2022 tonight as the Casa Amor twist causes chaos.

At the weekend the original girls left the main villa for Casa Amor where they were joined by six new boys. Meanwhile, six new girls moved into the main villa with the original guys.

In the main villa tonight both Andrew and Dami share kisses with the newbies.

Andrew takes Coco to the terrace and tells her: “You know you are my type and I definitely wanna get to know you more.”

And Dami kisses Summer, telling her: “You fancy me. You feel like there is a bit of chemistry between us. You wanna kiss me. You wanna share a bed with me tonight. You still definitely want to kiss me.”

Later on and the boys gather at the firepit. Andrew reveals he kissed Coco on the terrace, while Dami shares details of his terrace rendezvous with Summer.

Despite his kiss, Dami insists: “I still feel it’s unlikely for anyone to change my connection [with Indiyah].”

When Luca adds that Dami should stay in bed with Summer, and tries to nudge Jacques to agree, Dami responds: “Yeah, stop egging other people on man. What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once.”

Luca responds: “What do you mean? Say what you’re f**king saying. What cause you f**ked up tonight and you regret it?”

Dami tells him: “I just told you how I feel about Indiyah but at the end of the day you’re trying to tell me I’ve done something wrong. I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, at Casa Amor, Josh wants to know where Danica’s head is at.

When commenting about Danica sharing a bed with Deji the first night, he asks: “Are you staying in the same bed tonight?”

Danica replies: “Probably not. As in I will be in the same bed but I probably will switch it up a bit.”

Josh then asks: “Anyone you feel like asking or…?”
Danica smiles and says: “I mean, yeah, I was probably planning on asking you.”

Josh agrees and then asks her about her time in the Villa, and whether she’s kissed anyone.

Danica admits: “There was a kiss with Davide…”

Josh asks if she is waiting for one, to which Danica laughs and replies: “Yeah.”

Josh then shifts closer to Danica on the sofa and leans in for a kiss.

How will Danica respond? And will this mean there’s a brand new couple in the Villa?

Love Island airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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