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Love Island 2020: Siânnise Fudge rages at Luke Trotman over Rebecca Gormley revelation

Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman lock horns on Love Island 2020 tonight.


The pair have their first big row after a revelation about Luke T’s time previously coupled up with Rebecca Gormley.

As the girls get ready for the evening Siânnise learns that Luke T cuddled Rebecca in bed when they were coupled up – something she believes Luke T denied.

Siânnise asks Rebecca: “So the night he kissed me, he was cuddling you in bed?”

Rebecca replies: “Yes, we cuddled and then we spooned.”

Siânnise reacts: “I’m sorry but it ain’t on. Are you for real? So why is he lying to my face? Are you actually being serious? Oh, I’ve had enough.”

A raging Siânnise pulls Luke T for a chat – and later gets Rebecca involved, too – could Siânnise and Luke T be on the rocks?


Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Islanders play a brand new game.

If the Islanders thought being figuratively pied was bad, then tonight they find out what it’s like to be physically pied in a challenge of Snog, Marry… Pie!

The Islanders line up while each member of the opposite sex takes their turn to decide which islander to snog, which islander to propose to and which islander to cover in a cream pie.

Some Islanders have revenge in mind, which sees Shaughna pied by Mike for saying he’s playing games. And Wallace takes his chance to pie Rebecca for dismissing his avocado breakfast.

Meanwhile, others enjoy a moment to snog their beau, with Nas and Demi and Paige and Finn among those locking lips.

Elsewhere, Islanders take their chance to smooch Islanders they’ve secretly – or in some cases, not so secretly – got their eye on. And Jess sends shockwaves around the Villa when she opts to snog Mike and propose to Luke M.

Luke M responds: “We’ll get divorced the same day.”

Who else is causing mischief and where else will those pies land?


Love Island 2020 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

Further drama this evening will come from the latest dumping as two islanders are sent home.