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Love Island 2020: Rebecca wants Siânnise and Luke T to win

Rebecca Gormley has said she wants Siânnise Fudge and Luke Trotman to win Love Island 2020.


Tonight’s Love Island results saw two couples get the boot with both Rebecca & Jordan Waobikeze and Nas Majeed & Eva Zapico.

Following her exit, Rebecca says she is backing Luke T and Siânnise to win.

Describing the pair as the most genuine couple, Rebecca said: “I want them to win, they’re my favourite couple.

“Considering I was in a love triangle with them a couple of weeks ago! Now I’m like, Team Luke and Siânnise. Luke’s such a cool guy, a funny guy and he’s really nice. Him and Siânnise together, I love it, they’re so cute together…

“They get along really well and I get along with both of them as friends. So I’m glad that they’re together.”

Reflecting back on THAT love triangle, Rebecca said of originally picking Luke T to couple up with: “I didn’t want to upset anyone, but most importantly I didn’t want to upset myself.


“I thought what I need to do is make myself happy.

“Obviously, it wasn’t a nice situation being in a triangle. But I’m good friends with them now. We get along really well. Me and Siânnise are super close.”

She added of her clashes with Siânnise earlier on in the series: “Those conversations needed to be had. But it could have just been a simple little chat and that was that.

“When we were both trying to talk to each other, the tone of our voices, we were both getting just louder. But I don’t regret any of it, it needed to be said.”

Meanwhile, on her current coupling with Jordan, Rebecca ruled out any romance.

“I would say just a friendship,” she said.

Rebecca added: “In the villa it got to a point where things went to a standstill and I didn’t see things progressing. It wasn’t going anywhere.


“And I think if you want to be with someone things should be progressing every day, not at a standstill. It became a friendship rather than being in a romantic couple.”

Love Island airs at 9PM nightly on ITV2.