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Love Island 2020: Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning go on their first date

Mike Boateng and Leanne Amaning go on their first official date on Love Island 2020 tonight.


In this evening’s episode of Love Island Mike and Leanne are whisked off on their first date outside of the Villa. And with a tease that it’ll be time to get ‘hands on’, they soon find themselves at a massage parlour.

As the pair massage each other, talk turns to how things are going for them.

Mike admits: “For me, getting to know someone, I’m always thinking possibly long-term. Eventually I’m going to think, is it going to go somewhere?”

Leanne replies: “I’ve probably got to start thinking more long-term. You are very kind, understanding… I feel like I see potential.”

When they return to the villa, the Islanders want to know all of the details and whether love could truly be on the cards for this pair.

Later in tonight’s episode, for the Islanders it’s time to dust off their dancing shoes and bring out their sassiest moves in tonight’s ‘Dirty Dancers’ challenge.


But there’s a twist in store as a new bombshell, Rebecca Gormley, arrives to give the lads one last dance.

Head of entering she says Mike is one the boys she has her eyes on.

Rebecca reveals: “I need to chat to them. I haven’t seen enough of them to know how I’m going to approach it.

“I like funny guys, so I’m thinking making the guy laugh is a tick in the box. But no smooth moves, I’ll just be myself.”

But with everyone currently coupled up, Rebecca may need to step on toes to get with who she wants.

Quizzed on how far she is prepared to go in the villa to get the guy, Rebecca replied simply: “As far as I need to go.”


Love Island 2020 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

Straight after at 10PM is spin-off After Sun with Laura Whitmore.