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Love Island 2020: Couples become parents as babies arrive in the villa

The classic baby challenge surprises the Love Island 2020 couples in tonight’s episode.


Now very much a Love Island tradition, the Islanders become parents as babies arrive at the villa.

In their couples they must feed, comfort and change their babies’ nappies, while their efforts are monitored to discover who will be crowned the top parents.

But first is the all important name.

Meeting his baby Callum says: “Bless him! I’ve named him Elvis Benedict Jones.”

Love Island babies
Ched and baby Winter, Luke T and baby Rocky and Mike with baby Charlotte.

Luke T and Siânnise get to work on their baby’s outfit, as they name him Rocky Luke Jr Trotman Fudge, with Siânnise noting they have a very “content” baby.


Demi and Luke M name their baby son Louis, with Demi gushing “our baby is unreal!”

Mike and Priscilla have a daughter they name Charlotte, Ched and Jess debut baby Winter Ocean Uzor, while Jamie and Natalia opt for a Harry Potter-inspired name ‘Voldy’.

Finn and Paige name their daughter Darcey. And Paige tells Finn: “You’re really handsome, and even more so with a baby.”

Finn says: “I believe that this fantastic child of ours has brought us closer.”

Siânnise says: “I’m absolutely loving this mum life – this is a bit of me.”

While Ched gushes: “This is the best time of my life.”

Molly admits: “The dads are pulling it out of the bag.”


And the challenge prompts Demi to think long-term about Luke M.

She says: “I’ve found it so attractive seeing Luke with a baby.

“It’s made me recognise how well I’m getting on with Luke.”

Paige, Finn and baby Darcey.
Paige, Finn and baby Darcey.
Luke T, Siânnise and baby Rocky.
Luke T, Siânnise and baby Rocky.

But the fun and games don’t last for a long because tonight’s episode also sees one couple dumped from the villa.

On last night’s show, it was revealed that Molly & Callum, Demi & Luke M, Mike & Priscilla, Jess & Ched and Jamie & Natalia faced the viewer vote after the Islanders each had to vote for the two least compatible couples.

Tonight, as the Islanders gather at the fire pit, they learn that two of these couples have been saved by the public.

It is then revealed that the couple with the least public votes will leave the villa immediately.


Love Island 2020 airs tonight at the later time of 10PM on ITV2 due to the BRITs.

As always, you can watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.