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Love Island 2019: Danny Williams torn between Yewande Biala and Molly-Mae Hague

Love Island spoilers

Danny Williams finds himself torn between Yewande Biala and Molly-Mae Hague in tonight’s Love Island.


The new guy is currently single after joining the new series on Monday night.

He originally went on dates with both Yewande and Amber Gill, before flirting with Molly-Mae once he entered the villa.

In this evening’s episode, Danny speaks with Anton, Molly-Mae’s current official partner: “As the night went on I got chance to speak to everybody. Molly is really nice and I think we get on. I think she is a bit confused with how she feels about Tommy.”

Anton wants to make it clear that he is also interested in Molly-Mae. Anton says: “If you want to crack on then you can crack on, that’s what you’re here for but I wouldn’t be too happy about it. I’m just getting to know her.”

Anton reflects on his dilemma in the Beach Hut. He says “It’s very much like ‘here we go again’. I had a triangle with Tommy, Molly and myself and now with Danny boy, it looks like it’s going to become a square! Can I not just get a straight line in here? That would be lovely!”

Later that morning Danny speaks with Yewande.


Danny telsl her: “I can see something with me and you. People keep saying to me ‘What do you think of Yewande?’ and I say ‘She’s stunning’. I feel like we were both on the same page straight away.”

Yewande replies: “I just don’t want to feel like I’m stealing you away from anyone because I know that Molly fancies you.”

Danny continues: “I need to have a couple of days to figure everybody out. I don’t think I’ve clicked with anybody as much as I have clicked with you. That’s a fact and everyone can see it.”

Yewande seems happy by Danny’s admission. In the Beach Hut, Yewande tells the cameras: “I’m just getting to know Danny and I feel like he is making an effort and he actually does want to get to know me.”

Later, Anton speaks with Molly-Mae about the situation they all currently find themselves in.

Anton explains “Your triangle is about to become a square. I think he [Danny] is obviously attracted to you and he finds it easy to talk to you. He obviously has Yewande there but he wants to get to know you as well.

“You need to find who is suited to you and take it from there. It’s not a bad situation. I’ve told you before, I wish I was in your situation!”

Molly-Mae reacts in the Beach Hut “I don’t know where my head is at all. I’m very confused.

“It’s lovely, I’m not saying it’s a horrible situation to be in but I need to make sure I’m not upsetting anyone but also making the right decision for me.”


While Yewande has made her feelings known that Danny is the only boy in the villa that she fancies, Molly-Mae appears undecided. What does the future hold for this love square?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.