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Love Island 2019: Anton Danyluk makes a play for Molly-Mae Hague

Anton Danyluk makes a play for Molly-Mae Hague in tonight’s Love Island 2019.


Although he’s currently coupled up with Amber Gill, Anton is making no secret of the fact that he wants to get to know Molly-Mae.

Because Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae are in a couple, Anton decides he should tell Tommy how he feels.

Anton tells Tommy “I’m going to have chats with Molly-Mae later on. I just feel, out of respect for you, I would always say that.”

Tommy later reflects in the Beach Hut saying: “Anton is going to fancy Molly-Mae because she is a very attractive girl and Anton is basically a single man.

“I’ve come from one love triangle and now I’m in another one!”

It isn’t long before Anton tells Molly-Mae how he feels. In the kitchen Molly-Mae asks Anton: “What’s on your mind? What are you thinking?”


Anton replies: “Obviously, I’m just going to keep getting to know you. You’re the only girl in here that I’ve got an interest in, to have something more than a friendship. That’s how I feel.”

He later admits: “I’m very attracted to you.”

Molly-Mae replies: “Thanks. You’re a good-looking guy. You’re a gorgeous guy.”

The next day Anton continues to try and woo Molly-Mae. She’s impressed by the effort that Anton is making to try and win her affections.

In the Beach Hut, Molly-Mae says “The boy [Anton] can’t do enough for me and I can see it’s genuine. That’s such a lovely thing. Whereas, with Tommy, I do find him very attractive but he’s not as on the ball with how to woo a girl. He kind of the takes the back seat.”


Molly-Mae shares her doubts with Anton about her and Tommy’s coupling. She tells Anton “I definitely think I am very torn.”

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.