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Love Island 2019: Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard head to the hideaway

Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard are the first couple to enjoy the hideaway in Love Island 2019 tonight.


The private escape in the villa opens for the first time and it’s up to the couples to pick who gets to spend a night away.

In this evening’s episode, Tommy receives a text which reads: “Islanders. The Hideaway is open tonight.

“Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night alone. #dontbeshy #alonetime.”

The Islanders immediately decide that Curtis and Amy should be the couple to spend the night in the Hideaway.

Prior to heading to the Hideaway, Amy says in the Beach Hut: “It’s day nine and the sexy PJs are out to go to the Hideaway with Curtis. I’m just really excited. I didn’t think it would happen this early.”

Curtis and Amy arrive in the Hideaway and get into the hot tub, where Curtis has a special question.


Curtis begins: “We’re very close and very good together at the moment and I definitely don’t want to see anyone else. I know that no-one is going to walk through the door and turn my head at all. I’m not asking you to be in a relationship but I just want to lock it off.”

Amy replies: “So, we’re not going to get to know anyone else? I think it’s too soon to do the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing but we’re 100% exclusive.”

Curtis then asks: “Will you be my half-girlfriend?”

Amy laughs and says “I will be your half-girlfriend. But we will not call it half-girlfriend! We’ll refer to each other as other-halves until one day we’ll potentially use the ‘B’ and ‘G’ words.”

Curtis responds: “Just so you know, I am planning on doing that.”

Curtis and Amy then get into bed and have a snog before going to sleep.


The next day both Amy and Curtis return to the villa and fill the other Islanders in on their new relationship status.

Love Island 2019 continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.