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Love Island 2019: Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides’ awkward meet up

Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides have an awkward catch up on Love Island 2019 tonight.


This week saw Amber’s original partner Michael Griffiths dump her in favour of new girl Joanna.

In last night’s episode, Amber received a text revealing that the girls would be heading out of the villa tonight to get to know one another.

After the explosive Recoupling, Amber has kept her distance from Michael’s new partner Joanna until now.

The pair sit down to enjoy a cup of tea and air their differences but initially they both sit there in silence.

Joanna eventually initiates a conversation. She says: “I’m going to be the bigger person…”

Amber interrupts Joanna and reacts: “The bigger person? What have I done?”


Joanna continues: “I don’t want there to be tension in the villa. I know that we’re not going to be the best of friends.

This is the perfect opportunity to have it out and then we’ll squash it and be on good-ish terms in the villa.”

Amber wants Joanna to know how it felt walking into the villa and finding out that Michael had recoupled with another girl.

She says “It was a pretty s**t situation for me to walk in front of everybody by myself. To stand there and look at Michael coupled up with you. That wasn’t nice. It hurt my feelings a lot.”

Joanna says “Absolutely. I felt for you.”


Can Amber and Joanna resolve their differences and begin to build a friendship? And will Michael and Amber ever be civil after the recent Recoupling?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.