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India Willoughby says Celebrity Big Brother is “not as it seems” after her exit

India Willoughby says Celebrity Big Brother is “not as it seems” following her exit.


After almost two weeks since launch night, the first celeb left on Friday evening.

Jonny Mitchell and India Willoughby faced the axe and it was India who was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2018.

Speaking to host Emma Willis after her exit, India admitted to being disappointed but said she expected to be out.

Emma asked if she went in there to play a game, and India replied: “I was psyched up to mix it a little bit. Maybe have some confrontations; just stir things up, cause a little bit of trouble. But it’s not that sort of house.”

india emma

Now out of the house and catching up on the show, India has had plenty to say on Twitter.


She posted in a series of messages over the past 24 hours: “You don’t know half of what went on in that house. It’s NOT as it seems. Treacherous people. Can’t talk about it for contractual reasons until Mon.

“Hold your horses all. I’ll explain all of this on @5WrightStuff on Mon morn – and reveal the chief manipulator in the CBB house xxx.”

India went on: “Having watched some catch-up episodes, I’ve been played like a fiddle by a massive manipulator in the #CBB house.

“Important part of storyline missing. All revealed Mon. Naming names @5WrightStuff @bbuk”

She then added: “I’ve watched a few catch-up episodes and a few gaps need filling in for the full story. Naming nsmes as soon as I can #puppetonastring.

“I’ve seen the other conversations in the house now.”

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Meanwhile, India also hit back at the suggestion she was ‘faking’ her phobia of drag queens.


She said: “I am a polite person who has manners. If I’m asked by an organiser to have my photo taken with someone to promote their event I wii. WHY would I PRETEND to be upset by drag queens??????? My fear – not yours”

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 continues nightly on Channel 5.